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Objective 1. Findings of ecological resources, biological and technological level practiced in growing zones in western Romania
Objective 2. Identifying disturbances and share their growing influence in disfunctionarea current technologies

Results delivered

-Presentation of the three categories of soil and growing degree of fertility centers
-Climate resources, characterization of the three centers
-Presentation of binary and ternary climatic indices of the three centers, vineyards, correlations between the values of the climate and requirements of various varieties
-Variety assortments, presentation of the three centers and growing share of each kind of choice
-Presentation of varieties percentage for each center and the total vineyard area
-Presentation Technologies wine culture in the three centers
-Identifying and quantifying causes negative impact on production
-Physical-mechanical analysis, quantitative and qualitative varieties of grapes grown in vineyards in three centers, comparing the results with the genetic potential of varieties
-Interpretation of climatic resources, reference areas with biological needs
-Introducing surface-growing variety, old plantations, percentage of goals, uniformity, vigor, plant health
-Presentation of the degree of endowment holdings, presenting the need for an efficient exploitation of growing surfaces
-Presentation by category of activity and training the workforce of permanent and temporary holding of the three areas
-Acquisitions-presentation of cellular material, machinery, cars, in recent years of holding the activities and disturbances

Scientific papers
1.The behaviour of some new german clones of Cabernet Sauvignon variety under Buziaş-Silagiu viticultural centre pedoclimateric conditions;Buletinul USAMV Cluj-Napoca, vol. 64
2.The behaviour of some local vine grapes varieties from the western part of Romania under different maintenance soil systems influence; Buletinul USAMV Cluj-Napoca, seria Horticultură, vol. 64
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4. Researches regarding technological features of some wine grapes varieties in Recas viticultural center conditions, Malaescu Mihaela, Dobrei A., Ghita Alina, Savescu Iasmina, 2007, Analele Universitatii din Craiova, vol. XXXVII/A Lucrari stiintifice, Simpozion omagial „60 de ani de invatamant superior agronomic in Oltenia”;
5. Researches concerning growth and wood maturing of some grape vine varieties cultivated in Buziaş-Silagiu viticultural center after a couple of zars from planting, 2007, Dobrei A., Mălăescu Mihaela, Dărăbuş Rodica, Ghiţă Alina, Cristea T., Cercetări ştiinţifice, Seria a XI-a, Facultatea de Horticultură, USAMVBT, Ed. Agroprint, Tmişoara;